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Better Late Than Never: Words Matter Week Challenge Day 1

It’s too hard to choose a single life-changing word, so here are two that can leave you breathless.

Yes or no: simple words that can change your life.The question: Is there a word that has changed, or could change your life? What is it, and what difference would it make?

A single word? What kind of question is that? Our lives are changed daily by words, and to choose one over the other seems nearly impossible. Therefore I’ll just share two simple, but potentially life-changing words.

Yes.” Whether it’s a response to “Will you marry me?,” “Did you turn off the bath water?,”  “Would you like to accept this position?,” “Are we expecting?,”  “Will you drive the get-away car?,” or “Do you love me?,” this simple word can change life in an instant.

No.” Generally meaning the opposite of “yes,” “no” packs an even more powerful punch to any of the questions posed above. If followed by the qualifier “but,” its power may be diluted.

There are many other potentially powerful words– love, freedom, truth, justice, and more, but taken alone, few hold the dynamite of a simple yes or no.

By Janice Campbell

Writer, reader, logophile, creative. I love turning words into books!

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I absolutely agree. Words are only as strong as the intentions behind them. “Everything” and “nothing” are big ones, too.

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