The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz- A Review

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January is the perfect time to think about fine-tuning vision and life goals, so I thought I’d share a review of a book I recently enjoyed.

I’ve been reading about vision boards for years, but never got around to making one. Never, that is, until I read Joyce Schwarz’s authoritative book, The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. Schwarz covers the entire process in a way that makes vision boards a logical step in the process of creating a life with purposeful forward momentum. She provides ample evidence that a vision board is far more than just a collage, and does so in a way that is applicable to both personal and career goals.

The book itself is an inspiring treat for the senses, with over 100 full-color illustrations. Schwarz begins by introducing the concept of visioning, including its historic context, offers a structured process for creating a Personal Vision Statement, and discusses the practical details of creating a vision board. She teaches the reader how to activate the vision board and use a proprietary “success realization system” she calls GRABS.

After the basics have been thoroughly covered, Schwarz focuses on creating different types of vision boards for relationships, gratitude, wealth and well-being. Each chapter contains a variety of deeply personal vision boards in various styles. Many are beautiful, while others are so detailed that they reward extended study. A Foreward by Bob Proctor of The Secret and an Afterword by Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series rounds out the content of the book.

I tend to be a fairly structured goal-setter, so I was inspired by the orderly and detailed process that Schwarz presents. The book strikes a balance between practical and “woo-woo” that I think most people will find acceptable. Creating a visual representation of desired outcomes seems to be a logical way to keep goals in view, and I know my new vision board is going to be harder to ignore than the neat list of goals in my planner!

The Vision Board is a very attractive book, and I’m happy to have it as an addition to my life-purpose library.

You can visit the Vision Board website at The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life is published by the Collins Design imprint of Harper Collins and is available through major book stores. I received my copy of the book from the publisher.

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  1. Tx for the comprehensive and incisive review! Your blog readers and NAIWE members may want to peek at THE VISION BOARD book free chapter at and the book’s blog at features more than 100 articles on vision board creation and life & career visioning! Yes, it includes podcasts for writers too!